4. Apple iPhone 4 – 32GB

Everyone agrees that Apple's iPhone 4 is an excellent smartphone. It's sleek, fast and comes with thousands of applications from its App Store. This device is a huge upgrade in everything from data speeds to camera quality. Anyone who can afford a $299.00 iPhone should definitely consider the 32GB version of the iPhone 4.

One of the iPhone 4's main features is its a front-facing camera that enables users to make video calls. Measuring just over 9mm, the iPhone 4 is considered to be the thinnest smartphone on today's market. It boasts first class build quality and an excellent design. This iPhone features a resolution of 640x960 pixels, complemented by an 800:1 contrast. iOS 4 provides users with many new apps including the multitasking feature. Switching between apps is responsive and smooth. Photos and videos have impressive quality. Apple has brought improvements even in the call quality, screen and headsets.

The iPhone 4 is packed with sensors including the accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a proximity sensor and a three-axis gyroscope. In terms of battery life, the iPhone 4 comes with a larger battery that offers nearly two days of normal use. On the downside, there is still no memory card slot. Overall, you won't be disappointed.

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