Verizon offers the best deal on HTC Thunderbolt

Verizon is in the process of attracting more and more clients and besides offering a very attractive mobile Internet plan, they also come with a very interesting deal on one of the best 4G compliant phones out there, the excellent HTC Thunderbolt linked here.

If you decide to purchase the HTC Thunderbolt directly from the Verizon site you will receive a massive discount of no less than 310 dollars and you will only have to pay 249 dollars for it. Of course, in order to benefit from this fabulous deal, you will have to sign a 2 year contract and choose a very attractive data plan that also includes high speed mobile Internet access. We compared this with what other important players in the mobile phone market have to offer at the moment and we reckon that this is without doubt among the best deals of the moment.

Interested in finding out more about the HTC Thunderbolt? Well, it certainly is one of the most attractive Android smart phones of the moment, coming with a large 4.3 inches display and an 8 megapixels camera able to capture great looking photos and videos.

You will be able to take full advantage of the benefits 4G has brought with this mobile phone, including high speed mobile Internet and sharing your connection with up to eight devices. And given the great deal Verizon is offering, we believe that there will be a lot of persons interested in this.

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