Prepaid Cell Phone Deals – Are They Really Cell Phone Deals?

Prepaid cell phone deals can be a great idea if you have a teen or you're on a budget. Cell phone plans can get expensive fast once you add on data and text packages and the majority of cell phone service carriers won't notify you if you've gone over your limits on your minutes or data package and they will simply start changing your for an overage which can really add up.

That's one of the reasons prepaid cell phones really are a great deal for most people. When your minutes run out, your phone won't work until you refill it. Ditto with text messages or any other function that requires dialing out of connecting - if there's not money  the phone won't work. This makes it very easy to set a $25 limit per month on phone usage and stick to it with no financial surprises.

Most of the prepaid cell phones have deals where you can get service plus a data package so you can spend as much as you truly need to. Prepaid cell phones are also a great way to teach your teen how to budget. Let them earn the money for their prepaid cell phone and also their minutes. If your teen doesn't have a job, agree on payment for chores done and let your teen learn to budget. This is a good way to instill and the groundwork for financial responsibility.

We have some great prepaid cell phone deals, look around our site and see what's right for your budget.

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