Pay as You Go Cell Phone Deals

Pay as you go cell phone deals are almost exactly like a prepaid cell phone with the except that they often are even more flexible in terms of what you can pay to get service. Go Phone by AT&T for example offers deals as cheap as $1 per day on the days you use your phone and then you can either pay ten cents for text message or buy a data package that starts at around $4.99 for 100 messages and goes up to unlimited messages for around $25. tadalafil

Most of the pay as you go cell phone deals have 2 rate plans, you can buy a lesser cost monthly plan that will expire and every 30 days and must be renewed or you can get a slighter more expensive plan that will include the option for your money to not expire every 30 days but you'll have 90 days to use the funds with the option to make a small payment and roll over the amount if there's anything left on the phone at that time. real viagra cheap

For anyone that doesn't use a cell phone every single day or just wants a cell phone "just in case they need it". A pay as you go plan may be the way to go to have cell phone service and still not pay a high monthly bill. cialis generic date

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Top 5 Phones for sale

1. Apple iPad 2 WIFI + 3G 64 GB
2. Apple iPhone 4 – 16GB
3. Apple iPhone 4 – 16GB – White
4. Apple iPhone 4 – 32GB
5. Blackberry Torch 9800