Cell Phone Deals News: Wireless Carriers Agree to Notify Customers of Overages

As of October 17, 2011; wireless carriers across the board have agreed to notify customers who are coming close to exceeding their cell phone plans to help them avoid surprise overage charges.

Here are some other tips to keep your cell phone plan the deal it originally was.

Cell Phone Deals Tip #1
If you run over your minutes and it's the first time, call your cell phone company before you "just pay it". A lot of carriers will work with you and some will even forgive your first overage if you ask them to before you pay the bill. If you get bill payers remorse after you pay for the overage, you just agreed it was accurate when you made the payment so it's not really worth wasting your time or theirs pursuing it.

Cell Phone Deals Tip #2
Ask your cell phone company to let you know what tools or apps they have to let you know when you're nearing your call/text/data limit so you don't have an overage. In the event you have an older phone that simply nothing is available for, mark your calender and check your bill balance and minutes/megabytes left on your plan to make sure you're not close to maxing it out for the month.

Cell Phone Deals Tip #3
Consider adjusting your cell phone plan. If you're paying an overage almost every month, consider that you may just need more minutes and it's far more economical to up your minutes than pay a penalty every money. You'll wind up paying less in most cases (and it will be so much more, search around it's time to switch cell phone companies).

Cell Phone Deals Tip #4
Prepaid cell phones are often very economical and you cannot go over your plan because once you pay that's all the time/data minutes you get until you pay again.

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