Blackberry Bold 9780 from T-Mobile

There are still a lot of people that prefer a Blackberry instead of all the fancy touch screen smart phones that have been launched on the market recently. And no one can blame them, because there are plenty of reasons for this, especially if you will be using it as a business phone. So, we have set to find out who is offering the best deal at the moment for the most popular Blackberry, the Bold 9780 and found out that nobody can beat T-Mobile.

So what is T-Mobile offering? Well, if you go online and purchase a Blackberry Bold 9780 from their site, along with a voice and unlimited high speed Internet plan, you will only have to pay 129 dollars for the phone.

The discount is huge, given the fact that the suggested retail price for this Blackberry is around 450 dollars and the plan is very well balanced and comes at an attractive price.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 certainly is a great phone and even if it does not offer the same features as an iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S, we reckon that it is a lot more reliable and suitable for business man. It is wonderfully built and talking, sending and receiving messages and mails is very practical.

So, what you need to remember is that T-Mobile offers the Blackberry Bold 9780 along with a great voice and data plan at just 129 dollars and we guarantee that this is one of the best cell phone deals out there.

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