Education expert questions australian school system indigenous

Education expert questions australian school system indigenous

AUSTRALIAN schools have been accused of adopting a culture of "native" schooling, with some students taking a science, arts and humanities approach to education.

The Australian Education Forum's chief executive Mark Taylor said indigenous education had been adopted as the default option and argued that indigenous people had been used to help Australian society succeed economically.

"In particular, aboriginal people were not a focus for schools during the 1960s and 70s and for all the educational policy discussions before the turn of the millennium.

"Now the focus has shifted and is clearly on learning indigenous languages, using Indigenous languages as a learning tool, cultural activities that are part of a traditional culture that helps you with a range of issues that are relevant in your community, then learning about Indigenous languages is something teachers are asked to do very little of.

"If we look at the impact native education has on the country as a whole, it is the primary reason why we are in the position we are in today to have indigenous schools, and so it's hard to defend an education system that does a huge amount of harm."

Mr Taylor acknowledged that traditional teachers were being left behind and urged states to help with providing native education.

"There is a disconnect between some of these traditional 우리카지노educators and the Australian curriculum and that is why we need to look at making sure they have access to the right curriculum and it is good to know they are working in partnership with other teachers and other communities to support them."

But he said it was still important to acknowledge Aboriginal people were still part of the education community.

"We want to see that Australian education culture continues, that it's not alien to the history of Australia, but we want to recognise that Aboriginal people are very involved in that and so in a way the fact that there are traditional teachers working in the traditional setting means there are other indigenous teachers working in traditional settings and it's important to recognise that."

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