Kerr admits to silly patching mistakes

Kerr admits to silly patching mistakes; doesn't believe he has a full roster.

"That's why there's still so much work to be done," she said. "But at least we're at least having fun with it."

She said she also wants the coaches and teammates to realize that sometimes, even in the biggest stage of a sport, being the best can come with mistakes. The coaches also need to realize that these mistakes don't destroy confidence.

"I want them to look at it the wrong way or not think of it at all," she said. "I would love for them to view all these great women in a different light.

"Because we all want success and you have to be at it until you die. The most amazing thing a더킹카지노bout running at an event like this is that you still get that feeling of being at home.

"They get to the gym, the clothes come off and they head out into the field. And they don't know if they are really there or not.... If you don't have that sense of home there, then it's going to be tough when you lose."

For some, the lack of a sense of home at the track was a problem, Kerr said, but she knows others can't feel the same.

"There are other guys that have been through this and that aren't getting to this point yet," Kerr said. "It's tough in sports, especially because everybody is working so hard. The best guys in the world can't believe what they are doing.

"And the guys on the sideline who haven't reached this point are being treated like stars, because they are so blessed in this sport. And then you have the fans who are so focused on how good they look, or how they are supp바카라osed to act, or how much money they have left after their contract. And that's the biggest thing to realize: The ones you know really have nothing.

"When they talk about the stars they have, the fact is, all the other guys have nothing. And what they think the바카라사이트y have is just their time on the track or not being available. So it's tough not to be able to have that in some way, just that we're all doing this for a living.

"So as long as we all are focused on the goals of the guys on the track, I don't know how many teams will get to the top.... It's not all about putting up numbers or what w

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