Was pilbara coast on cyclone alert

Was pilbara coast on cyclone alert

Photo: AP.

Cyclone Bopha was on its way to China, but now remains a tropical cyclone, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said.

It is a small, shallow, low lying cyclone, moving slowly east-northwest, leaving the area on its way to the southern part of Mindanao to the northern tip of Cebu island, the PCG said.

PCG spokesman Capt. Edgard Valverde said the storm is moving in the west and east, but it will make landfall around 5:45pm (21:45 GMT Tuesday).

"It has turned into a tropical storm, probably from the north. It is moving into southern Cebu islands and it is expected to become a subtropical cyclone," Valverde said at 11pm Wednesday.

PCG is monitoring the situation, he said.

"We are expecting typhoon conditions, maybe as bad as typhoon Nami (last year), that could impact the coastal areas of Mindanao," Valverde said.

"We are monitoring 더킹카지노the situation in Mindanao. We will keep everyone updated."

The Philippines declared a state of emergency Wednesday after Typhoon Bopha made landfall on the southern Philippines, causing extensive damage to coastal areas, including Bicol and the island of Mabang.

The state of emergency was lifted shortly after the storm was over for Mindanao, and all areas of Mindanao remain on a state of emergency.

The storm has claimed about 1,600 lives and left about 8,000 people without power, PCG said.

The r바카라egion remained on watch with military planes and troops on high alert Wednesday night. There were no reports of serious damages or injuries in the provinces of Cebu, Bicol, Negros Oriental, Bataan, Davao del Norte and Cebu.

Cebu Governor Fernando Roa said at 6:15 p.m. Thursday the center of Typhoon Bopha was ab바카라out 160 kilometers (100 miles) east of the island of Cebu.

An army helicopter landed just in front of the typhoon Friday afternoon, Roa said.

It was flying to help evacuate families from the affected areas.

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