Sprint cell phone deal

Sprint has attracted numerous new clients in the last few years with the excellent deals the offer on cell phones and it is only common sense that they will continue to do this in order to expand their market share tamiflu 75 mg. Let's see what is the current best offer a new client can receive at Sprint.

Sprint is currently offering the Samsung Epic 4G at the best deal you will find on the market for this model. And if you are looking for a step forward towards the advantages brought by the 4G standards, we reckon that this is a chance that should not be missed. Especially if you are looking for one of the most competent smart phones that have been released on the North American market, one that comes with the excellent Android operating system.

Besides being compliant with the 4G standard, the Samsung Epic 4G has plenty to offer when it comes to its functionality mainly due to its impressive 4 inches Super AMOLED display that has made millions of fans around the world.

The 1 GHz Hummingbird processor along with 512 MB of RAM make this phone very powerful and fast when running all sorts of applications and this is a huge advantage compared to previous generation devices.

If you go for a plan that includes unlimited minutes and costs 99.99 dollars, Sprint offers the Samsung Epic 4G for only 149.99 dollars and this is one of the best deals you can make at the moment on a 4G phone.

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