Vic to spend 18m on eureka party

Vic to spend 18m on eureka party


The Jakarta high court today banned the Jakarta National Assembly from holding a vote to impeach former President Susilo Bambannatyasastra.comg Yudhoyono on corruption charges that have kept him out of office.

The court, under the Supreme Court of Justice and the Court of Public Justice, said the assembly could not hol우리카지노d a special session, which the court has been ordered to do because the Speaker could not attend on June 5 due to sickness.

The court said a Special Speaker to handle the case of impeachment against Yudhoyono in the House was necessary to avoid any possible problems caused by the Speaker.

In a written statement, the chief justice, Tan Sri Abdul Halim Aziz, said the assembly could not convene on June 5 because of illness.

The court said the Speaker could attend on June 6, but he could not act on the question of impeachment.

It said it therefore could not proceed with the scheduled Special Speaker.

The court's move is in line with its decision to remove Yudhoyono from office, in a decision that was announced in February, but which was overturned by a lower court.

Yudhoyono has been serving a 15-year jail te더킹카지노rm for corruption charges stemming from a scandal involving the construction company that he formed with a close associate and a former state investment minister.

Yudhoyono has dismissed the allegations against him as part of a smear campaign by his political foes in an attempt to drag him down, after the former national chief of staff was convicted on corruption charges last year and sentenced to three years in jail.

He said he never used bribes and had never promised to step down.

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